104 fifteen-minute episodes
Meet THE GENIE FAMILY: An old jar which has found its way to modern residential neighborhood just happens to be the home of three Arabian genies. There's Hasshoo, the husband; Eppah, his wife; and their little daughter, Ya-ahn. They can only emerge from the jar if somebody standing by it happens to sneeze, hiccup or yawn. A sneeze brings forth Hasshoo; a hiccup calls out Eppah, and a yawn summons Ya-ahn. While they are out they must grant the wishes of whoever released them, until another inadvertent sneeze, etc., sends them back again. But it's not an unmixed blessing for their new master! Hasshoo is so clumsy that his attempts to obey wishes result in hilarious disaster. And mischievous Ya-ahn always finds a way to humorously twist the wish in a way her master never thought of. THE GENIE FAMILY is cartoon series of comedy misadventures filled with fantasy, action, and excitement.


Initial series: 91 thirty-minute episodes.
second series: 26 thirty-minute episodes. Hutch, a young honeybee, becomes a solitary wanderer after his hive home is destroyed by invading wasps. He ventures into the world to search for his mother whom he has never met. During his travels he experiences much bitterness and sorrow, yet gradually he also learns of love, endurance, friendship, courage and other virtues that make life worthwhile.


208 fifteen-minute episode.
A lively boy named Daichan in traditional Japanese clothing comes from the country where he lived with various kinds of animals to the capital of Tokyo He has a funny habit to begin to dance as he hears music. He visits a friend of his late father's to learn judo and makes friends with the young daughter of the judo master Kikuko and the cat Nyanko. For a little girl, Kikuko has wonderful judo tricks inherited from her father while Nyanko is able to perform a difficult trick of triple turn in the air and both of them are worthy instructors for Daichan. Although he shows clownish behavior once in a while, he is always popular among people around and grows stout and shrewd to be a future champion.


300 three-minute episodes.
Thomas is a cunning bird who sponges on Hyppo, the good-natured hippopotamus. Although Thomas is a dependent, living in Hyppo's big mouth, he always acts lordly and tries to outsmart his simpleminded host. However, their basic friendship and cooperation endures despite their frequent quarrels. The two play a prime role in this comic series, short yet full of originality.


52 thirty-minute episodes.
The timeless story of Collodi's PINOCCHIO has been a favorite for a hundred years. Written in 1880 and first filmed in 1911, there have been many live and cartoon adaptations throughout the world of this classic novel about the wooden puppet who wanted to become a real boy. In this new cartoon presentation, especially designed for TV serialization, Mock(Pinocchio) once again is given life by the Blue Fairy. Yet as a living toy he is faced with mockery and alienation rather than acceptance by his human neighbors. Despite many frustrating mishaps, Mock is constantly encouraged by the love of the Blue Fairy and the faith of old Gepetto, the woodcarver who made him, as he persists in his efforts to earn his wish of becoming a human boy.