108 thirty-minute episodes.
The wicked Florina and her assistants,paradoxie and Tonzeror, are joined together under the direction of their mysterious leader, Skulduggerstein, on a search for the Skull Stone.This stone is fabled to reveal the whereabouts of a fabulous vein of gold buried somewhere deep within the Earth.Skulduggerstein sends Florina information concerning the locating of the Skull Stone, then she and her accomplices follow these leads on their search.But....the information is almost always unreliable, and the trio always ends up getting into trouble.The Yattermen pursue them, and rush to prevent the Skull Stone from falling into the hands of Florina's gang.The two groups battle for possession of stone as Florina's gang create a new robot or mechanism (mecha) every program to carry on the fight. Unfortunately for them, the Yattermen and their robots, or mechas, always succeed in destroying whatever robots the gang come up with.


54 thirty-minute episodes.
Kanta lives in the downtown with him mother, seven brothers and sisters, and the house dog. He is very enthusiastic about baseball. However, his mother never allows her children even to talk about baseball, not to speak of playing it since she believes that her husband died accidentally on account of baseball. Her children dare not resist her as they always see her work hard to raise and educate her fatherless children taking little care of herself. As for Kanta, however, he continues play baseball hiddenly from early morning together with Jubeh the dog. One day he is asked by his friend to play as a substitute for the Golden Liners who are to go against the Silver Foxes. Now the game is on and Kanta slides to the home base as a ball is hit to the outfield. As Kanta raises him head, to his surprise, he sees his mother standing there with a grim look. She tells Kanta not to play baseball ever again. But Kanta does not give up baseball. As usual, he goes out to the field early next morning for practice. There Kanta sees his mother who was moved by Kanta's eagerness and who sees the image of her dead husband in him. After all she decides to help Kanta and even proposes to organize a baseball team of their own with the family members plus Jubeh.


26 thirty-minute episodes.
Temple is a lovely little girl who is more fond of music than anything else. She happens to board a balloon one day, and is excited by her aerial journey until she finds herself drifting away from her parents and home. She is in tears until she meets a drummer boy accompanied by animal friends who also play musical instruments. Joined by these new friends who play music to keep up her spirits, Temple sets out to find her way home.


52 thirty-minute episodes.
After Berg Katse's death, Generalissimo X rebuilds Gallactor and creates a new lieutenant to carry out his bidding. The pallid Gelsadra sends out Gallactor's monsters to smash and destroy whatever comes in their way, with an infantile delight in the havoc he causes. Gelsadra is actually a human baby, kidnapped and artificially matured overnight by Generalissimo X's science. The Gatchaman Squad, with all new weapons and an improved Phoenix created by Dr. Nambu, once again battle Gallactor and its new leader. Joining them is a new member of the ISO, the beautiful Dr. Pandora, who has a personal reason to work for Gallactor's defeat: it destroyed her young child. Nobody knows that the adult Gelsadra is the missing baby, and this adds a note of potential tragedy as the five super-youths and Dr.Pandora counterattack ceaselessly to destroy Gallactor and its child-like commander.


53 thirty-minute episodes.
"ZENDERMAN" investigates the weird and wonderful things that can happen when we actually bring famous historical characters into our 20th century lives. Professor Cognomen is a world renowned researcher and historian. But, like many famous men, he jas always believed that somewhere in the Great like many famous men, he has always believed that somewhere in the Great Unknown is a discovery that will enrich all mankind. Eternalize is the elixir of eternal life. Though the professor has no doubt of it's existence, it's whereabouts and origins are still a mystery to him. Such are his powers of intellect that he sets about to create a Time Tunnel as a link to the past. Through the magic tunnel the Professor is able to invite people from the past who might be able to give him clues as to either the location of, or formula for, the rare elixir, if not actually providing him with a sample of the real thing. As in all adventure stories there is a villain. Worse. there are three, known as the Villanour Trio. who. having discovered the Professor's Plans to build the Time Tunnel, build their own tunnel and connect it up to the Professor's, in hopes of diverting the precious Eternalize into their own evil clutches. However, the Professor has at his disposal his own trio of young helpers. known as the ZAZ Trio. composed of Zenderman I, Zenderman II and Amattan. The setting is now complete for our series to begin... The good natured Professor calls up his first historical figure; the Villanour Trio tries to divert him into their own tunnel; and the battle commences.....