75 thirty-minute episodes.
It is the future. Daigo, a reckless teenager, speeds across the wilderness on his super cycle. He is accompanied by his robot pet black panther. The two arrive at Victor Town, a showcase ideal city built in the middle of the barren land, just in time to find it under attack by an army of fanatics equipped with sophisticated weapons. Daigo and his panther are drafted into a defense force, but despite a strenuous resistance the defenders are soon on the verge of total defeat. Suddenly a giant robot warrior, Gordian, appears from nowhere to drive off the brutal invaders. GORDIAN is a fast-paced SF mystery-drama that will intrigue viewers of all ages as it gradually reveals who Daigo and his panther are, who the invaders are and what they want, and what Gordian is and the motives for its intervention are.


48 thirty-minute episodes.
Generalissimo X has been destroyed, but the alien being is able to renew itself as Generalissimo Z for a final assault against Earth. Its new leader for Gallactor is the blue-skinned Egobosura, a would-be Hitler with a determination to destroy the Earth if he cannot conquer it. The pace in this final GATCHAMAN series becomes frantic as Gallactor hammers the Earth with increasingly devastating attacks, and the Gatchaman Fighters must resort to near-suicidal risks to nullify them.


26 thirty-minute episodes.
An imaginary Lilliputian society hidden in the deep forest is depicted in this new series. Belfy is a witty, rompish girl who lost her parents in her infancy and lives with her uncle, who is the only doctor in the woods. Though he is an openhearted and generous man, his habit of drunkenness often bothers Belfy, who does not mince her words in trying to keep him on the right track. Meanwhile Belfy gets on well with Lillibit, a lively boy with a strong streak of curiosity. The two friends have heart-warming adventures as they associate with animals and other aspects of nature around their forest homeland. The tales of this tiny community also develop numerous aspects of human relations in a wholesome manner.


53 thirty-minute episodes.
Burning with ambitions to become the most beautiful woman, the most renowned scientist, and the greatest hero the world has ever known, renowned scientist, and the greatest hero the world has ever known, three villains, Aliana, Twisty and Stringer, unite. The trio are Time Patrollers, the keepers and protectors of the annals of history, who, together with Sonny and Nana, work to prevent any unscrupulous types from altering the course of history as it has been recorded over the centuries. But, this is only a cover for the trio, as the villains are league with the nefarious Don Tempest, who is trying to alter the course of history to suit his his desires, and, under his instructions, the trio travel in time with the aim of tampering with recorded history in order to correspond it with that of evil Don Tempest's insidious scheme. Only Sonny and Nana, disguised as the Rescuemen, stand between the Tempermen and their goals. Who will prevail?....


52 thirty-minute episodes.
Twelve-year-old Linn Youki loyally supported his father when the world laughed at the scientist for saying that Earth was about to be invaded from outer space. But Linn did not expect to become personally involved--until he met Takoro, the strange young "deputy sheriff" from another world who was on the trail of notorious space criminals. There were only four Kurodako Brothers, but they plotted to use their alien science and natural shape-changing powers to become the secret masters of Earth. With Takoro's help, Linn became the mighty super-hero, Muteking, to foil their schemes. There is plenty of action and laughs in this light-hearted comedy-drama about a roller-skating costumed hero, his friendly but bumbling alien partner, a gang of klutzy would-be world conquerors, a beautiful police chief, an obsessed scientist, a sarcastic dog, an officious flying saucer, and others. This unusual but appealing cast of characters will charm viewers' hearts while it amuses them.