52 thirty-minute episodes.
Throughout history, the quest for power infected mankind. In the future..nothing much changes. The setting for this exciting, funny and intriguing series is the Kingdom of Fir antic, where two royal houses are locked in combat to determine who will become the future ruler of the Kingdom. To secure the throne, one of two must travel through the aeons of time to find the Firebird. Whoever brings it back to Fir antic will rule from the throne of this mysterious country. The story starts in the present.... Here, in the desolate office of the Ace Detective Agency, Detectives Paul Tuck and Tracy Headly are whiling away the time reading magazines, for want of something better to do. Suddenly, a girl appears before them. From her strange dress the pair can just deduce that the girl couldn't possibly be from their time. She begins to speak..."You are quite right. I am from another era. In time, you two will be married, and I will be born from your bloodline many generations hence". The girl's name is Princess Sara of the Kingdom of Fir antic. Paul and Tracy are amazed by the girl's telepathic powers, and even more amazed to be told that they are to be married. But there is more to come. Princess Sara is looking for the Firebird with the use of a Time Tunnel. Paul and Tracy decide that it is their duty to protect their descendent's future. They offer to help Sara on her quest for the Firebird, but Sara has no idea where it is to be found. The only clue she has is that Princess Miranda and her party have come to this time as well. Sara telepathically discovers the whereabouts of their time machine, and our heroes chase after Miranda, who possesses any and all information concerning the Firebird....


52 thirty-minute episodes.
Hiro finds what appears to be a broken lighter in an empty field. This lighter, actually the Gold Lightan, has fallen to Earth from the Robot Dimension, in another place and time. Normally, the Golden Lighter remains in this compact disguise, except when called upon to defend the Earth from Ivalda the Great's attacking robots, whereupon it changes into a giant robot, the Golden Warrior, Gold Lightan, by traveling along the Rainbow Road. Gold Lightan joins forces with Hiro's gang to defend the Earth against Ivalda the Great's armored force's impending attack....


58 thirty-minute episodes.
In Osteandel City of 1990's there is the headquarters of Time Lease that lends almost everything you would ask for including powerful robots. They are proud of themselves being on top for the past ten consecutive years in the international ranking list of billionaires and naturally all staff members are busy for the prosperous business. Meanwhile there is another lease company in the same city called Skull Lease and the notorious villain trio work there as top executives. Their ostensible object is to disgrace the credit of Time Lease and replace them as the leading enterprise. In fact, however, they have a scheme to secure a footing for the realization of world conquest using their secret network deployed latently in the world. One day a transport robot of Time Lease is assaulted by the villain trio and it is time for Ippatsuman to get on the move to fight for justice.


52 thirty-minute episodes.
A 16-year-old boy encounters a time slip and is transplanted in a future world. The boy, called "Ryu Urashima" in the series, completely loses his memory and even forgets his own name, as he is time slipped. Ryu becomes a police detective in the future world and begins his new life with his cynical colleague, Claude Mizunuma, known as "Claude". Ryu, though bewildered with the new surroundings, challenges his new job to beat the evil called "Necrime Empire". Claude, an elite detective, helps Ryu although he trifles with him for his lack of knowledge about his new world. However, Ryu, with his formidable fighting spirit, tries to adjust himself to the new circumstance and gradually becomes a good cop surprising Claude now and then. The series depicts the adventures of these two young men and beautiful woman police, Sophia.


20 thirty-minute episodes.
The story begins in the year of 20XX. Oshaka School in Kamakuland is a prestige school of the world where only those who are pure and clearheaded descendants of Priest Sanzo's clan may be admitted. As for the familiar villain trio, they are in firm belief that they are genuine descendants of Priest Sanzo's clan although actually they are of uncertain lineage. They study hard to enter the school in spite of their repeated failure. One day three intelligent children are called in by the principal and asked by Shakyamuni dwelling in his body to find missing puzzle copperplates scattered all over the world and complete the puzzle board to heighten honor of Oshaka School. The conversation, however, is overheard by the villain trio and they decide to forestall those selected youngsters. Then they happen to meet with a brilliant boy named koochan who appears handy and so they take him with them and attempt to take away puzzle copperplates from a goblin. At the same time they try to win the goblin over to their side and attack our heroes together. Being aware of the evil scheme, Koochan transforms himself into Itadakiman and fights bravely to drive the wicked trio away.