25 thirty-minute episodes.
This is a fictional drama with its settings in the future of mankind... Our planet is invaded by space aliens and is devastated by the brutal species. While the entire earth is under their rule, groups of people manage to escape from the earth to Mars to build space colonies there. A few years later those space emigrants return to the earth with a large fleet of spaceships trying to recapture their mother planet. Among them are six youngsters who bravely go against the alien invaders with their highly sophisticated vehicle named Mospeada. This is not a mere robot action story but is rather a story of humanity with those young characters as heroes and heroines who devote themselves to rescue activities of their suffering brethren.


34 thirty-minute episodes.
There is a planet in the galactic system named Kirakira which is rich in natural greens, and there live two main tribes on the planet namely Senobi and Robot. The former live in the wooded region while the latter inhabit the desert area, who are anxious to move to and settle on the woodland for better life and this desire causes incessant strifes around the border zone.The Senobi tribe love nature and want to live in peace without being harassed by the other. On the other hand the Robot tribe who used to enjoy a high standard of mechanical civilization but declined in strength due to their internal trouble become militant as they want to expand their sphere of influence from the desert to the wooded region. A young hero of the Senobi tribe together with his supporters makes efforts to stop the feud between the two tribes and to make them live in peace and harmony. This young and attractive character becomes a gallant warrior when he goes into action.


20 thirty-minute episodes.
In a small town of Tokyo there lives a middle-aged man, Suzuki, who spends commonplace days conducting a small business. He is ambitious to become such a celebrity as to appear on the cover page of a popular magazine. One day he happens to discover a mysterious entrance that leads to an alien space. Through it he reaches the world of goblins and attaches control devices to goblins there to make them act at his free command. Capitalizing on those zombies, he grows outrageous and notoriously sets his hand to evil things. Meanwhile two witty pupils, Hajime and his girl friend Mariko, come across a strange alien detective who presents them with Doteraman garments. Wearing those garments, they transform themselves into Doteraman and Doterapink with supernatural strength. Then they challenge the wicked ruler and successfully liberate the poor goblins. They continue to fight in the cause of justice creating excitement and entertainment full of pleasure.


31 thirty-minute episodes.
People of the Earth were developing and cultivating a colonial planet in the galactic system, when monstrous creatures from the remote universe began to invade the planet with irresistible weapons. Although the peace-loving Earthians did whatever they could do to defend the new colonial planet, it was all to no effect and they were forced on the verge of total destruction. It was then that three transparent warriors sent out by the Allied Forces of the Earth arrived there with guns named Zillion which had amazing performance in crippling deadly power of the monstrous aliens.


38 thirty-minute episodes.
A 16-year-old boy named Shulato and his friend Guy happen to be drawn into a gigantic ball of light while competing in the final match of a martial art tournament and when they regain their senses, they find themselves transferred to a mystic heavenly sphere with a divine atmosphere. Then it is known that Shulato used to be the governing king of the unearthly world and that he has only been brought to his original state. However, Shulato is shocked as Guy suddenly turns hostile to him. After this unfortunate incident, a spectacular yet fantastic drama develops involving the two.