形式:30分 全25話 制作:1971年
30 minutes/episode 25 episodes
Production Year : 1971
太平洋戦争を題材にしたノンフィクション小説を原作に、数々の激戦を左右した歴史の 当事者たちそれぞれの“決断”を描いた戦記アニメ。真珠湾の奇襲攻撃や終戦に至るま でを、リアルに徹した劇画タッチで描き出す。
This animated history of World War II in the Pacific deals with the most serious moments in the lives of Commanders as they make crucial strategic and tactical decisions. Since these episodes are based on true events, not fiction, viewers will be filled with more tension than usual.