形式:5分 全300話 制作:1971年
5 minutes/episode 300 episodes Production Year : 1971
のどかな大自然を舞台に、のんびり屋でお人好しのカバと、その口の中に住み一泡吹か せてやろうとちょっかいを出す鳥のトットとの凸凹コンビが繰り広げる、切っても切れ ない友情を描いたドタバタショートアニメ。
Thomas is a bird living in the mouth of Hippo, a good-natured hippopotamus. Although Thomas is completely dependent on Hippo, he always acts lordly and tries to outsmart his simpleminded host. However, their basic friendship and cooperation combine to make this a series of short stories full of originality.