形式:5分 全195話
制作:1972年 放映:1972年10月~1973年9月
5 minutes/episode 195 episodes
Production Year : 1972
タマゴンは悩みを相談されると、解決するためにシッポからカウンセラー怪獣を産み出 す珍獣。ところがこのカウンセラー怪獣たちはみなタマゴンに似てドジで一向にうまく いかない。現代社会に生きる誰もが抱える悩みを題材にした、ユニークなギャグアニメ。
Tamagon is a cute monster who acts as a counselor to those in trouble and asks only for eggs as payment. However, despite his innocent attempts, his advice usually ends in total failure with his irate clients chasing him. As short as the episodes are, they are full of laughs and humor.