Wake Up, Girls!青春の影

制作:2015年 公開:2015年9月
60 minutes
Production Year:2015
TVシリーズ『Wake Up,Girls』の続編となる劇場版。アイドル大会出場によって注目を集める存在となり、ついに東京に進出を果たしたWake Up,Girls。しかしそこで、彼女たちは自分らしさを見失ってしまう。後編『Beyond the Bottom』へと続く物語の序章。
The first in a two-part sequel film to the“ Wake Up, Girls!” TV series. WUG! is noticed from t heir entry into an idol competition and finally start their activities in Tokyo. However, they start to lose their identit y. The story continues to the second part of the sequel,“ Beyond the Bottom”.